Sunday, October 11, 2009

hinata hyuga.

so i have finished my hinata cosplay and im getting alot of really positive things things being said about it which is lovely. im really looking forward to next saturday when i perform! should be lots of fun! :)
i'll upload a few pictures of the photoshoot i had on saturday in my cosplay
only this is i wasnt wearing my forehead protector that hinata wears around her neck D: but yeah.

i think im going to scrap lolita and go as yuuki from vampire knight, it's a really good anime but yeah i have a year so i have heaps of time :)
skins 3 marathon tommorow, gotta remind myself since season four is coming out so soon.
i love how everyone is into it now it's a really good thing cause that means they'll be plenty more seasons, so yeah everyone hit up skins. ive been watching it for like, almost five years now. aha.

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