Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so today was good

we are having a picnic at school tommorow, ima' bring a rug :)
the weather is getting suuuper good, love it
going to thailand over christmas which should be okay, not particularly looking forward to it though.
ensemble stars next week for the end of year concert
going to be hectic :|
have a performance at wodonga children's fair this saturday for musical theatre, eh i have no life 0.0
im going to melbourne next weekend should be awesome for the armageddon expo but i haven't got my wig yet but should get it this weekend ><

so many people you wouldnt expect are into anime. so wierd.
BRAIDEE OTTO! so yeah i just like to sit around in my cosplay, its super comfy
started watching vampire knight it's so fucking good! considering making a yuki cosplay cause yeah its awesome, instead of lolita. not sure yet.

ps. do i look like andy? ;)

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