Monday, October 19, 2009

armageddon expo 09

had a lovely weekend woke up at like seven on saturday and picked up mitch from brad's and drove to melbourne, dropped him in the city and went too armageddon!
it was so, fucking. amazing. i cosplayed at hinata and so many people were like HINATA I LOVE YOU CAN I HAVE A PHOTO WITH YOU?!! i was like.. sure :D lots of people put alot of time and effort into their cosplay, so props.
met laura bailey, the voice of trunks and tohru honda, she was lovely and so hilarious :)

i also met sean schemmel, most commonly known for his work as goku. he was so talkative he was like do they zay dragon ball zed here? like, seriously? i was like 0.0 i love you.

i also met ty lee from avatar and she's also wanda? from hey arnold. ahah.

i also met some guy from ben 10 and another guy from full metal alchemist!! ;o
and i met some of the volturi from twilight (new moon)
they were sorta stuck up though, didnt really talk long.
oh and i met dante! who is in avatar, io cant remember his name but ty lee's brother. he also does the voice for american dragon. he was like. are you dissing me cause im black?

so it was awesome, I BOUGHT SO MUCH!

i then met up with wilmz and we got slurpee's and cigars and drank vodka.
twas good then on sunday i went to break even at the evelyn which was pretty good. met some lovely people ;) and yeah had some mad chats on the way home.

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