Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fulltime dancing and my father.

so i've decided to take the step to do full time next year, and im really excited and heaps anxious but it's what i need if i want to take my dancing seriously and be a professional dancer.
ill still be going to school for literature & theatre studies
but it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, i dont have to put up with year eleven and twelve stress, i can take as many years as i want to finish my schooling and i dont have to put up with the drama and high school bullshit. it's greeeat.

um, this weekend ill be going to the national cosplay comp with tim, as nyu from elfen lied and he will be kateo, defz something to look forward too
im meant to be studying :| english exam tommorow, eeeeh!

Heada. (R) says:
everyones asleep cos of tomorrow haha
ren. maybe so, maybe no. says:
why be asleep early if we dont start till eleven?
Heada. (R) says:

so my dad was watching the news and he's convinced that the murder that killed those people in queensland is the man that owns the kiewa general store, just cause he looks like him. wierdo.
im out xo

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