Saturday, August 8, 2009

the past can haunt.

the story.
I.this is nothing but all i have ever wanted and you are so beautiful, your jawline and your smile this was fast it was sweet, nothing but simple.all we need now is to try, fuck everyone else let's keep each other close.II im like a toy, used and then thrown on the ground it's like you hang me out to dry after every time you've finished with me. you knew i had figured it out, you smartened your act up. have we made it? im not quite ready to move on this is your last chance.III aren't we just perfect, aren't we great? and i thought that when i left that door there would be plenty of time i'm going to come back. only this time i fucked what we had, left with nothing but past tense. IV over and over im telling you we need to hang on to what we had and over and over you tell me what we had is gone.V atleast we talk now VIthis can't be happening to me again? you stroke my neck like you used to and i dont even flinch only this time it's not simple, this is the most complicated thing someone can go through.VII it was cold, but your body was warm, morning had risen on us unexpectedly so i tilted you're head to the sun, and whispered 'nothing but expectations' into your ear. you were the one that i knew oh so well, you were mine. you were also the one that burnt out last blaming everything on me gives you satisfaction. the worst is not yet over dont worry baby, i never expected you to understand. i know you too well to expect that. but tell me this. for the very last time. am i still all you ever wanted?

lol. old as.

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